Full Ride Scholarships

Full ride scholarships are hard to win as there are very few colleges that provide such scholarships. Even if you find such a college that provides Full Ride Scholarships, it would be hard to be the one to claim that scholarship as there would be many other students applying for the same. However, you must not stop trying. This article discusses the places where you can get full ride scholarships.


ARMY RTC stands for Army Reserve Officer Training Corps and this is the best option for those students who are interested in joining army and serving the country. Not only their dream of serving the nation would be fulfilled, but they would also be able to continue their education and that too, with a full scholarship. While you would be attending college on one side, on the other side, you would be provided with Army training. Once the graduation is complete, the students are appointed as Second Lieutenants and the first assignment is granted to them immediately. Not only a full tuition fee scholarship is provided, but additional expenses of books are also taken care of. Monthly stipend is also provided so that students can manage their own selves.

Full Ride ScholarshipsProject Working Mom

If you are a mother (or a father) who had to leave education earlier due to some issues, then you can resume it, and this time, with a full tuition fee scholarship. Project Working Mom is a solution to the problems of those parents who did not get a chance to complete their education in young age. Applicants can be working or unemployed. They would have to complete the course online. The institutions that come under the Project Working Mom are Everest University, Ashworth College, Walden University, Capella University, Saint Leo University, Ashford University, Virginia College and Allied Schools. You can also visit the online website of Project Working Mom so as to get detail about the Full Ride Scholarships provided by them.

Microsoft University

The Microsoft Scholarship can be availed by students who are currently studying compute engineering, or any other course in computer science, even if they were not aware of it earlier on and they recently came to know about it. This scholarship would cover only tuition fees and no other expenditure would be taken care of. The limitation of Microsoft scholarship is that it would be provided only to those students who apply for summer internship program by Microsoft, which is likely to be conducted at Redmond, Washington. The good thing about this program is that if any student manages to get selected inthis program, he/she would be provided with an opportunity to work with the company as a 12-week salaried position.

The Gates Millennium Scholars

This scholarship is provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and it could be used while studying in any college or University throughout the country. The foundation has provided $1 billion so as to provide scholarship to the needy students. This scholarship is provided only to African American, Asian Pacific Islander American, American Indian/Alaska Native or Hispanic American students and to avail this opportunity, students must be good in academics, with a GPA of at least 3.3 when measured on a 4.0 scale.


SMART stands for Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation and this scholarship is a part of National Defense Education Program. As the name suggests, this scholarship would be provided to the students who are interested in science or mathematical research. The students must be enrolled in educational programs in order to avail this scholarship. With the SMART scholarship program, students would also receive a financial assistance in health insurance, book allowance for up to $1000, mentoring, paid internship guarantee and job placement as soon as the graduation is complete.

Above all, you should not forget that many colleges and universities also provide scholarships. Keep a regular check on the websites of colleges and universities you are studying in or you are planning to join. This would make sure that you don’t miss any chance to get a scholarship.